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An unapologetically anti-racist, independently-run national opinion platform elevating the perspectives of racialized folks on everything and anything to do with race and racism in Canada.

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What's How Goes The Nation?

How Goes The Nation will be a space for racialized folks to speak their truths — to say, this is who I am, this is the context in which I was brought up, this is how I interpret the world, this is how I experience joy, this is how I think my community can liberate itself on its own terms.

I’m launching this publication because I’m weary of how race and racism are covered only insofar as they are “topical” when in fact they are always timely. The legacies of white-supremacist colonialism and genocide are still bearing out today in the forms of shallow corporate diversity pledges, redlining, policing, Quebec’s Bill 21, boil-water advisories and COVID-19 risk disparities — and every time someone says “go back to China” or “you’re so exotic.” To name just a few examples.

I’m also fed up with the lack of racialized perspectives in the opinion pages of other national publications. I think it’s important that we, as in racialized people, are able to learn how people who actually look like us are thinking about the issues that matter to us.

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“I would like to read and hear more about colourism because I think it really will help us — it will help us with our solidarity issues if we understood more about how we do racism. That would be a good thing for us.”

- C.B. (Toronto, ON)

“I think there’s not enough education and discussion on topics that pertain to race and institutionalized racism in order to educate people. But when it comes to reporting racist incidents, it’s an issue of almost using race for clicks and views and not in a way to educate or point out a problem, but to be that lightning rod of controversy.”

- Charlie (Vancouver, BC)

This, we believe

Race and racism are always relevant. Speaking openly about these issues is not “playing the race card” but rather a prerequisite for understanding how white supremacy operates, how it manifests in our everyday lives, and how it can be dismantled.

Everyone has the right not only to live, but to thrive. We take for granted the truths that all Indigenous and Black lives matter.

We recognize and celebrate the diversity within all communities of colour. Racialized communities are not monoliths. There is no single Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Arab or Asian experience.

This, we will do

How Goes The Nation will feature writing from racialized folks of all intersections and parts of the country.

We will not make any claims to objectivity or engage in bothsideism. We will not give weight to bigoted ideas that deny anyone’s humanity.

We will not shy away from the issue of colourism and the messiness and nuances of how racial dynamics play out within and between communities.

We will give deference to racialized and marginalized folks committed to social justice.

We will write what we want. As we work towards our collective liberation, we will tell our stories without fear.

“Oftentimes we talk about what’s happening to people and not the amazing work that’s happening. There needs to be a balance. Even when we’re talking about pain, we’re also talking about resilience.”

- Carrington (Toronto, ON)

“Say what it is. One of the most frustrating things is when people call it discrimination rather than racism.”

- Quentrel (Halifax, NS)

Who is behind this?

Jeanie Tran

Jeanie Tran is a journalist creating her own damn opportunities. She is a settler currently living in Tkaronto a.k.a. Toronto. She is Vietnamese and Chinese and a first-generation Canadian. She is a drum-kit hobbyist. She has a lot of love in her heart despite being mad about a lot of things.